Can You Figure Out Which Face Has $2k Of Makeup On It?

Shani Grimmond YouTube
Shani Grimmond YouTube

There's nothing better than finding a way to absolutely slay a look without spending all your cash in process.

But Daily Mail just took this game to a whole new level with the latest challenge: they compared two video tutorials by beauty blogger and YouTube influencer Shani Grimmond in which she created two almost identical makeup looks, and then they told us that one look cost her over $2,000 dollars and the other look cost her around $200.

We're sorry, WHAT?

How is that even possible? (Also, how do you end up spending $2,000 dollars on makeup, and ohmygodhavewedonethatbefore?)

Here is the tutorial of the Shani Grimmond makeup look that cost $2,000:

Before we even get into the tutorial, can we just say how AMAZING her accent is? We're going to start calling foundation "foundy", too, and no one can stop us.

But seriously, watching that video is a little overwhelming. The products she's using are crazy pricey. But we won't hold that against her, since she says multiple times that no one should ever feel obligated to spend that much and that you can do the same look for much, much less.

And then, we have the video for the makeup products on the other end of the spectrum. Shani made this video for a Valentine's Day makeup tutorial with only drugstore products:

BRB, sprinting over to the closest drugstore to recreate that entire look.

If we didn't watch those videos, we would have NO idea which look is the one that cost a ton and which one was the one comprised of drugstore products.

From these videos, we can make a few conclusions. First, there's no point EVER stressing out about affording makeup, because you can do a whole lot with some pretty inexpensive stuff. 

Second, if you DO want to spend some dough, there are obviously some products that are worth splurging on more than others. For example, foundation, moisturizer and concealer can really improve in quality if you want to pay more, while stuff like mascara and eyeshadow can be pretty high quality for a low price. 

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