Drake Flew To Memphis To Take His Cousin And Her Date To Prom & The Pictures Are Everything

@drakeposts via Instagram

Drake just proved that he doesn't need Degrassi to go to prom. This weekend, in an effort to out-Drake himself, the rapper flew to Memphis to chaperone his cousin and her date to their high school prom.

If you're a big Champagne Papi fan, you would know that he sometimes references his Memphis cousins on his tracks (see "Jumpman" and "Paris Morton"). One of those cousins happens to be Jalaah Moore, a senior at Memphis' Fairley High School, who Drake says he loves â€śmore than anything in the world."

Showing Jalaah that it was a "One Dance" she will never forget, the singer bought the couple matching outfits, got a Rolls Royce to take them around on their special night, and threw them and their pals an after party at Hard Rock Cafe. 

And it didn't stop there. Drake's appearance at the prom wasn't a meet-and-greet type of thing. He took the time to actually hang out with the students and take photos. 

The night would have been even better if Drake had performed, but he was just there to serve as a chaperone. The star even wore a toned-down outfit so as not to upstage his little cousin and her date.

Staying true to his third-wheel status, Drake took to his own Instagram to share a sweet photo of the young couple pre-prom, together with the hashtags #FairleyHighSchool and #YoungLove. 

It's heartwarming to know that when he's not busy being one of the biggest artists on the planet, he makes sure that he has time for his family. And for that, Drake deserves to be crowned Prom King. 

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