Oh My God, This Freshman Printed Out Her Roommate's Subtweets And Posted Them In Their Dorm

Oh My God, This Freshman Printed Out Her Roommate's Subtweets And Posted Them In Their Dorm
@jessiejeany on Twitter

Every day I thank the Lord that Twitter wasn't really a thing when I was a freshman in college because there's no way in hell I could deal with drama as messy as this.

On Tuesday, a Penn State freshman named Jessie found her roommate Nikki's subtweets about her. They were relatively tame compared to other crap I've seen on Twitter — the worst were "I already hate my roommate" and "My roommate situation is a horror story" — but like... c'mon, girl. 

NATURALLY, Jessie's response was to print out all of the subtweets and tape them up on the wall of their shared room. Her tweet about it went viral, with over 275,000 likes and 93,000 retweets and counting.

Since her original tweet was posted, Jessie has kept us all updated on the situation. Apparently, Nikki also called the cops on Jessie on Tuesday because "i had weed and she hates me," Jessie tweeted.

Then, in a screenshot from a text exchange between Nikki and Jessie, the former admits she was wrong for subtweeting her roommate and tells Jessie she shouldn't have had any illegal substances in their room (fair). 

The drama could have ended there — but it didn't!

"May I remind you I didn't do shit to you and you declared you hated me two weeks in," Jessie responded. "I can have whatever I want on my side of the room" — technically, no, but OK — "and that is my risk and my problem." 

In her next response, Nikki claims she actually didn't call the police on Jessie, but says she'll tell their RA about her weed if Jessie keeps storing it in their shared room.

Anyone else finding themselves leaning toward Team Nikki at this point? Anyway, after that Nikki's friend Britt comes to Nikki's defense...

... and subsequently makes her account private.

Next up: Jessie's RA FINALLY gets in touch with her. (Godspeed, dude.)

And then we get one final text from Nikki (God, this is making me exhausted):

"I'm going to be honest with you. I don't hate you. I don't have a problem with you personally. I just don't like your habits and the way you live," Nikki wrote to Jessie. "Unfortunately I'm not leaving the floor because I've established friends ... If you wish to stay that's fine." 

"If it (the weed, I'm guessing) becomes an issue again the same thing will happen," she adds. "If you don't want that or don't want to deal with that do what you want but I can't force you to leave." 

Jessie hasn't added any more updates to the thread since, but hopefully they're actually, you know, talking about their issues with each other *in person, to each other's actual faces* like normal adults now.

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