Taylor Swift's Been Secretly Dating This British Heartthrob For Months

joe alwyn taylor swift

T. Swift is off the market!

The superstar singer has reportedly been secretly dating British actor Joe Alwyn for several months.

“Taylor and Joe are the real deal,” according to a source.“This is a very serious relationship.”

It sounds like the two probably first met at the 2016 Met Gala – which is slightly scandalous, considering that’s when Swift met Tom Hiddleston, remember their whirlwind, three month fling?

That rollercoaster of a relationship is part of the reason we’re only just learning about this new beau. Says the source, “…after what happened with Tom Hiddleston, they were determined to keep it quiet.”

So if this has been going on for months, how have they managed to keep it quiet? Turns out T. Swizzle has actually rented an apartment in London (where Alwyn lives with his parents), and the two have been going out only when Swift is wearing disguises. 

“Nobody has a clue they’ve been walking past a music superstar,” confides the source. “Not even her new neighbors.”

But now that the story’s broke, we’ll probably be hearing a lot more about the new couple in the future!

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