This Man Is Suing His Bumble Date For $17.31 Because She Refused To Stop Texting During A Movie

Man looking angry at woman texting at the movie theaters on date
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Texting on a date is a huge no-no. Texting on a date that takes place at a movie theater, however, is just a disaster waiting to happen. They don't air all those "turn off your phone" commercials before the movie for nothing!

Brandon Vezmar took his hatred for texting at the movies to the next level. The 37-year-old is suing his unidentified Bumble date after she allegedly checked her phone between 10 and 20 times to send texts while they were watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at a movie theater in Austin, Texas. According to KVUE, he's asking for $17.31 to reimburse the money he spent on their movie tickets.

"I said 'listen, your texting is driving me a little nuts' and she said 'I can't not text my friend.' I said 'maybe you can take it outside to the lobby, I've seen people get kicked out of movies for this," he told KVUE. 

Moments later, she listened to him. She got up, exited the theater, and then never came back. But now...wants his $17.31 back.

Vezmar insists that it's not about the money, but the “principle is important as the Defendant's behavior is a threat to civilized society." 

His date, however, thinks this is nuts. When contacted by the American-Statesman the 35-year-old woman was unaware of the situation. “Oh my God. This is crazy,” she said. She then added she didn't text as much as he claimed and that she was only helping her friend who was in a fight with her boyfriend. “I’m not a bad woman. I just went out on a date.”

We don't know about you, but we think this is a bit insane. All of that effort for $17.31? Count us out...

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