This Woman Wore A T-Rex Costume For Her Wedding Photoshoot And It's #RelationshipGoals

T-Rex Wedding
Josh & Kissy Photography

You know that couple you know who are always doing outlandish things together, and kind of make you wish that you were in a relationship while simultaneously being unsure that you'd be able to handle it?

Yeah, this is that couple. And let's cut to the point- you want to be this couple, because nothing screams #RelationshipGoals like wearing a blow-up dinosaur costume for a wedding photo shoot.

Yes, that's correct. The bride didn't wear Vera Wang. She wore an inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex costume. And she totally owned it, by the way.

Josh & Kissy Photography

As reported by Hello Giggles, Nicole Stein of Calgary, Canada, was trying to find a fun and unique idea for a boudoir photoshoot to give to her fiancé on their wedding day. In general, boudoir shoots are sexy AF. Think lingerie, sultry gazes, and maybe a red lip and some dark mood lighting.

...Nicole obviously took this whole idea in an entirely different situation. When talking to her photographer Kissy about different ideas, she remembered that her now-husband (because hell freaking yeah they got married after this) owns a seven foot tall inflatable T. Rex costume. 

And thus the magic began. 

John & Kissy Photography

And oh man, is it magic. For the record, that's a five foot three woman in that seven foot costume, which makes the whole thing that much funnier. 

According to Kissy, the photographer, the whole reveal didn't go exactly as planned: “She was going to give him the book right before they walked down the aisle, and he was surrounded by his groomsmen when he got the book. He saw the more sensual pictures I took of her first, and he closed the book."

So our poor groom didn't even see how fully amazing his future wife was until after they were married. But we're guessing that when he finally saw these photos, he knew he'd made the single best decision of his life marrying this chick. 

Josh & Kissy Photography

For better or for worse can be a scary idea... unless the person you're committing to forever with is the type of person who will throw a dinosaur costume just to make you laugh. In which case, it's the easiest decision you'll ever make.

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