10 Places You And Your BFF Should Travel To This Summer

10 Places You And Your BFF Should Travel To This Summer
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Thinking about going on a summer vacay with your BFF? Why not? You two are both young, single, and down for anything. Sounds like the making for a great vacay, don't you think?

Plus, when you travel with your bestie you get to learn a lot about each other AND create some amazing memories (that'll mostly be captured via posts on Insta and Snapchat stories). But, before you decide on a destination peep this list. Here are 10 cheap, fun, and gorgeous places you and your BFF should hit up this summa. Have fun! 

Key Biscayne, Florida

Victoria's Secret Models posing in Florida

Sure, you could go to Miami. But EVERYONE goes to Miami. Be adventurous. Go to Key Biscayne. It's just south of Miami beach and east of Miami. So, you'll miss a little bit of the hustle and bustle but you'll still get those sandy beaches and endless palm trees.  

Santa Monica, California

two friends standing at the Santa Monica pier

Depending on where you live, Santa Monica could be an easy commute. This beach city is an ideal vacation spot. You and your bestie can walk to restaurants, shops, and even immerse yourself in nature. And by nature, we mean those gorgeous Santa Monica sunsets. 

Nashville, Tennessee

girl standing in front of flower cart in Nashville, Tennessee

Why visit Nashville? Well, besides the food and the great nightlife, Nashville is the perfect mix of country and hipster. So, even if you (or your bestie) isn't obsessed with the cowboy boot life, you'll still have a great time. 

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