10 Things We Bet You Didn't Know About 'Orange Is The New Black'

orange is the new black
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Orange Is The New Black season 5 is here. Whether you've already binge-watched the entire season or you're about to, why not get to know the show a little bit better?

The show sneakily crept into the corners of our hearts and set up camp, with the lovable characters, relatable storylines, and brutal honesty. It feels like we know Litchfield Penitentiary like the backs of our hands, but even the biggest super fan doesn't know all the secrets from behind the scenes.

Touch up your knowledge of the show before your next binge-session. Here's 10 things you may not know yet about Orange Is The New Black.

samira wiley

Samira Wiley put it the work on and off set. She didn't speak German, shockingly, so she had to learn it during her off time by working with a dialect coach and practicing in her dressing room. We've gotta give her props. It was totally convincing.

laverne cox

Laverne Cox's IRL twin brother, M. Lamar, played her in the pre-transition scenes. That's why the casting was SO on point.

orange is the new black

The title of every episode is said at some point during said episode. Now you'll have to go back and re-watch everything to hear it yourself. Darn!

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