5 Truths About People Who Post About Their Relationship On Social Media

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There are two types of couples: the couple that you look at and admire, and then there's the couple that you look at and can't stand.

Couples who post constantly on social media are the second type. There's nothing less genuine than a girl or guy who posts nonstop about his significant other. It honestly comes off making you think the opposite of what they want.

People who are happy in their relationships generally don't post it all over social media. They keep it to themselves, and just enjoy being in their relationship without trying to prove anything to someone else.

Here are 5 truths about people who post nonstop about their relationships on social media.

It Reveals A Lack of Trust.

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Couples who are all over social media are trying to force a sense of trust by making their relationship as public as possible. 

It's An Excuse To Communicate Less.

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When you're always on your phone, you're not spending time getting to know your partner the way you should. If a couple pulls out their phones every time a silence falls over them, then they don't really know how to spend time together.

Couples Who Post A Lot On Social Media Are Insecure.

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If you feel the need to broadcast your relationship to your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram followers nonstop, then you're obviously trying to prove something to people who shouldn't have a say in your romantic life to begin with.

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