Gigi Hadid Revealed The Most Romantic Thing Zayn Malik Has Ever Done And It'll Put Your Love Life To Shame

gigi hadid and zayn malik on the cover of vogue
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Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have been dating for almost two Normal Human Years, which is basically the equivalent of a 10-year marriage in Famous Person Years. At this point, it's hard to contain our obsession with them: Not only do they look so incredibly, unfairly gorgeous together, but they're clearly still crazy in love with each other despite the demands of a high-profile relationship. 

Need proof? Just watch the "73 Questions" video (below) accompanying the Vogue cover Gigi's sharing with Mr. Malik in August, where she revealed some super sweet things about their relationship. 

For starters, can you guess which of Zayn's tattoos is her favorite? (Hint: it's not the "love" on his right hand, which may or may not have been done in Gigi's honor.)

"I feel like I have a new infatuation with a different one every week," Gigi admits. "I really like the details in them."

How about the ~most romantic~ thing Zayn's ever done for her? 

"A couple years ago on Valentine's Day we went on a boat trip, and it was really nice," Gigi says, blushing and beaming.

And what about those pies that Zayn's been known to whip up for his sweetheart? (Yes, really!) Gigi says her favorite is Zayn's "chicken and sweet corn" pie, because "It's like a hug."

Boat rides? Tribute tattoos (maybe)? HOMEMADE PIES??? Where do we sign up?

Not to be weird, but we just hope these two stay together long enough to reproduce — because it would be a CRIME to deprive humanity of such genetically gifted kids. Consider this a formal offer to babysit, ZiGi! 

Check out some of the couple's most gorgeous photos int he gallery above!

gigi hadid and zayn malik 7

To quote Beyoncé: Flawless.

gigi hadid and zayn malik 3

The couple that slays together, stays together!

gigi hadid and zayn malik 2

Jealous? Us? No, not at all... 🙄

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