This Artist Can Turn Your Pets Into The Cutest Tattoos


We love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all, we love our pets! We adore our pets so much that if it's only possible that we take them with us everywhere we go, we would. And thanks to this tattoo artist, maybe we can. Sort of. 

Pet lovers are scrambling to have their tattoos done at Jiran's tattoo parlor. The Seoul-based artist is known for turning ourloveable pets into equally fun and quirky tattoos. She's gotten popular because of her signature technique. Instead of drawing each adorable creature intricately, she uses a colorful, cartoon-like style to represent your pet in a whole other way.

Come see for yourself!

pet tattoo

Jiran has always loved all kinds of animals. She used to work as a nurse at a veterinarian's office. Her career as a tattooist started when she had her beloved cat Hyeogi tattooed on her body. "I have more than 10 tattoos of him now, and the most recent one is of Woni, Hyeogi’s younger brother who passed away unexpectedly in 2015," she told TimeOut

pet tattoo

Jiran's Instagram account has now over 98k followers. Her tattoo designs have been getting a lot of love online mostly because of her skill and creativity.

Check out these two cuddly bug-eyed chihuahuas! She put a creative spin to the tattoo by also including a giraffe.

pet tattoo

Does your pet have something to say? You can ask Jiran to draw in speech bubbles on the tattoo!

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