8 Hilarious Tales of Getting Rejected

8 Hilarious Tales of Getting Rejected

Getting rejected is tough, but if there's one thing that helps it go down easier, it's putting on your grown-up pants and taking it with a dose of humor. Read on for eight hilarious tweeters' tales of getting rejected.

1. Sometimes rejection comes in man-forms that you'd never expect...

2. ...like the pizza man...

3. ...or the form of sweet, innocent dogs that also happen to be capable of cold-blooded heartbreak.
4. That moment when you begin questioning your parenting skills because your dog seems to have inherited your lack of game.

5. This guy seems to understand that rejection is best taken with a healthy, big-boy-sized dose of self- awareness...

6. ...while this guy is allllmost there. Maybe you'd have better luck if you stopped calling human women females, Kristo? Just a thought ; )

7. Have you ever been rejected so badly that you can no longer stomach the food you were eating during the rejection, or carry spite in your heart for the success of the movie you were watching during the big curve?

8. Sometimes all you can do is start a coin collection to deal with the heartache.

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