Do You Live in One of These Cities Where the Hottest People Live?

Do You Live in One of These Cities Where the Hottest People Live?
New York Natives

Listen up ladies, the verdict is in. After consulting a number of lists, we've determined that some of the hottest Americans live in the cities mentioned below. Did your hometown make the list? Don't fret if it didn't. After all, it's just a silly list. Hot people, including you, exist everywhere!

Who doesn't?! (We found this funny Gif at: GIFSec)

Manhattan, NY

They say if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Of course, some degree of sexiness helps with making it. It makes sense that "Sex and the City" took place in the Big Apple.

Santa Monica, CA

You may think that all the Hollywood hotties live in Los Angeles, and while a number of them do, the steamiest of the steamy move west to the beachside city o Santa Monica. In this stunning city, bikini season starts on January 1st and goes through December 31st. 

Miami, FL

People have their ACs on 365 days a year partially due to the hotness of the population. You'll get a heat rash just walking amongst Miami dwellers. 

Aspen, CO

The weather may get cold, but the people never do. Hang out with one of the beautiful locals, and you won't even have to bring a winter coat.

Nashville, TN

Home to all things country, Nashville serves up plenty of lookers. When Luke Bryan sings, "Country Girl (Shake It for Me)," he's definitely talking to the lovely ladies of Nashville. 

Honolulu, HI

Everyone that lives, or flocks to Hawaii has a leg up. They get to tan, eat fresh seafood, and chill with the beautiful locals day after day. 

Myrtle Beach, SC

We don't know if hot people actually live here, or if they just flock here for spring break. Either way, this beach is constantly littered with sexy humans. 

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